About Us

"Simply put, you can’t fit lingerie without having a true passion for two things; good fitting bras and the lingerie industry itself."

 – Jackie Upton, President of The Lingerie Guild

Established in 2018, The Lingerie Guild has been set up by a strong mix of established independent lingerie retailers and specialists. Working together we provide a unified voice within the industry.

Our high streets are in decline, with many people choosing to shop online. However, the one thing you can’t do online, is get fitted for a bra. And a correctly fitted bra is vital to a woman’s sense of well-being, confidence and health.

We are the Lingerie industry cheerleaders, shouting about the great service provided by the boutiques across the UK and Ireland. We want to keep the essential art of bra fitting alive, heralding it as a truly professional skill.

What we do

Hear more from us

Hear more from us